• Asian Glass Magazine, December-January 2012 issue of World Hertha Market. Eti Mine Works Boron Market leadership position, also published an article on the new assessment "Borates"
  • Contribution to the Treasury of Eti MineEti Mine, continues to contribute to Turkish economy. Our Company's contribution to the treasury in 2011(316.247.000 TL) an increase of 65% compared to 2010. In addition our company, since 2000 has increased its contribution 253 times to the treasury in 2
  • Profitability of Eti MineEti Mine financed with equity investments in a strong financial structure and the continuing contributions of the Turkish economy. Our Company profitability in 2011 ($ 487 million), an increase of 68% compared to 2010.
  • HEADQUARTERS OFFICE WAS MOVEDEti Mine Headquarters Office Was Moved
  • Boron products to the United States increased by 52% compared to 2009 sales in 2011 reached 249.764 tons.
  • Eti Maden is 11 th in general and 4 th in public for profitability according to Istanbul Chamber of Industry's (ISO) Reports.
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